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Using can strain your computer's resources. While using, make sure your computer or device is plugged in and properly ventilated to prevent overheating. Monitor the state of your hardware and close the browser if needed. Also, when you are done using the simulator, close the browser or leave the simulator page - save energy.

Some devices and browsers may not be able to run We recommend Chromium browser on Linux. Opening in multiple tabs or windows is not recommended.

Acceptable Use is provided for entertainment purpose. Its vehicle models and simulation techniques are highly simplified and not completely representative of real world vehicles. By using, the user agrees to always practice and promote legal and safe driving in real life. Commercial use of is not permitted without prior written agreement from its owner, Troymius LLC.


The design of and many of its software components are productions of Troymius LLC. All products of Troymius LLC are protected by copyright and trademark laws and regulations.

Limitation of Liability is a production of Troymius LLC. In no event will Troymius LLC, its members, employees or partners be liable for any damages or losses arising out of the use or inability to use or any other services or products of Troymius LLC, its members, employees or partners.


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